Bryce Platt

phone: (909) 647-7012 / email: / website: / location: Providence, RI

phone: (909) 647-7012
location: Providence, RI

Virginia Tech, PhD
Doctor of Philosophy
Instructional Design & Technology
2020-2023 In Progress
Virginia Tech, MIT
Master of Information Technology
2020-2023 In Progress
Akita International University, MSc
Master of Science
Focus in Data Communication
2012 - 20131 year
Gustavus Adolphus College, BA
Bachelor of Arts
2008 - 20124 years

Johns Hopkins University
Certificate of Data Science
2016 - 2018In Progress
SKILLS (Not in a specific order)
Database Development (SQL, FileMaker, & Access)
MacOS/Windows/Chrome Troubleshooting
Web Design (HTML, CSS, JS, WordPress)
Computer & Networking Hardware
Graphic Design (incl. Adobe Suite)
Programming (R, Python, PHP,...)
Expert in Google Workplace Admin
System & M.D.M. Administration
Scripting (BASH, PowerShell)
Video Editing and Production
Organization & Teamwork
Effective Communication
Independent Learning
Social Research
Data Science
Cultural Proficiencies
Lived, worked, and/or studied in:
Argentina2002< 1 year
The Netherlands2005 - 20061 year
Japan2012 - 20153 years
Canada2004 - 20053 years
California2015 - 201817 years
Minnesota2008 - 20125 years
Nebraska2006 - 20082 years
Virginia2020 - 20231 years
Workshops (Creator & Presenter)
Using Microsoft Office Effectively
Meeting the Google Productivity Suite
R for Luddites
R for the Social Sciences
R for Business
The Internet: Inception to Invaluable
Productivity Tools for School: From Student to Tenure
Work Experience

Family Law Software

2018-CURRENT2 years (Current)

Tech Support & Compliance Specialist

  • Technical Support: E-mail & phone (Tier 1-2)
  • Website development (Content, editing, DNS)
  • Internal system migration to Google Suite Business
  • System Administrator for GSuite Business
  • Product documentation production
  • Create Multi-site WordPress Deployment

The Sisu Advantage

2015 - 20184 years (Current)

Technology & Operations Director

  • Technical Support: E-mail, phone, in-person (Tier 1-3)
  • Create website and registration system
  • Work with employees to enhance back-end experience
  • Scripting for system automation / Web Scraping
  • Create documentation for employees (Internal wiki)
  • At conferences: manage staff, host workshops, setup/take-down tech

IAFOR: The International Academic Forum

2013 - 20152.5 years

Technology & Operations Manager

  • Technical Support: E-mail, phone, in-person (Tier 2-3)
  • Create and maintain IT infrastructure (Website, Database, App, Hardware)
  • Create documentation
  • Video production
  • Maintain and deploy machine images
  • Hire, train, supervise technology team (5 members)
  • At conferences: head of operations, interview attendees on conference experience, and manage all technology

IAFOR: The International Academic Forum

2012 - 20131 year

Technology & Operation Systems Auditor (Consultant)

  • Audit organizational operations and IT infrastructure
  • Consult with CEO/COO on suggested changes for operations and technology
  • Build intranet infrastructure (Central Database, Internal Applications, Hardware upgrade)
  • Create protocols for staff at conferences for operations and technology
  • Redesign website and migrate to modern framework
  • Automate inforamtion systems

Akita International University

2012 - 20131 year

Senior I.T. Consultant & System Administraton

  • Technical Support: E-mail, phone, in-person (Tier 1-3)
  • Serve as IT liaison to the president of the university
  • Provide training for faculty in use of classroom technology (i.e. SmartBoards)
  • School server maintenance
  • Create documentation
  • Create and Deploy images to campus machines
  • Teach the Intro to Computation Course (req. for all first year students)
  • Host a series of workshops for students and faculty on various subjects

Gustavus Adolphus College

2008 - 20123 years

Helpline & Field Specialist

  • Technical Support: E-mail, phone, in-person (Tier 1-2)
  • Work with individual faculty on developing specific technology solutions or support for their teaching and research
  • Image campus machines
  • Consult with the full-time staff on new technologies, platforms, and software which would help faculty, the department, and the school
Other Professional Experiences
Beta-tester for software; Apple Inc.2007 - 201811 years
Beta-tester for software and hardware; Google2010 - 20188 years
Guest Lecturer (with honorarium) - Akita International University
Masters Level; Data Science as a Communication Tool in a Globalizing World
2014 - 20151 year
Co-lecturer - Akita International University
Undergraduate level; Introduction to Computation
1 year
Completed Grant: Patial and Statistical Properties of Linguistic Isolation2009
Private Contract Work
Build and/or update websites
Advanced Wordpress
SEO and site optimization
Social media configuration and administration
Data forensics and recovery
Website data scraping
Data reconfiguration and cleaning
Data analysis
Database creation or administration